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Hi Utsuri @ 27"
Shinoda bred, 5.5 year old female

Hi Utsuri @ 31"
Shinoda bred, 7 year old female
"Each and every October when I go to Niigata for the new Nishikigoi harvest, my first stop has always been Shinoda farm. I am deeply saddened that there is no Shinoda farm to go to as his greenhouses, office, home and even mud ponds were completely destroyed from the massive earthquake that hit this area of northern Japan (THE NIIGATA EARTHQUAKE OF OCTOBER 23, 2004). Mr. Shinoda and his family survived this terrible tragedy but only one of his prized breeders, his famous mother Ginrin Showa, which he hand carried down the mountain to save her. His breeds of Hi Utsuri, Ginrin Showa and Doitsu Showa are world famous for their EXCELLENCE and WINNINGS at all koi shows. This Hi Utsuri in my collection was purchased just before the earthquake hit and was taken out of the effected area only hours before his farm was completely destroyed. She was one of four of his top three year old females that I was fortunate to acquire. She has it all, excellent body conformation, a perfect pattern of deep crimson Hi color and wet ink black Sumi. She is a "Picture Perfect" specimen that you see only at Japan's top koi shows. The only way that I would part with her would be to give her back to Mr. Shinoda in order that he can start breeding his magnificent art work again. I think that I will offer her to him when I meet with him this year in Japan."


18"Sakura Showa
Dainichi bred
2 year old male

"In 2007, Sakura was crowned the Grand Champion of the 38th All Japan Koi Show in Tokyo, Japan. Typical of the Dainichi Showa, Sakura possesses a deep contrast between its hi(red markings) and sumi(black markings) over its shiroji(white background color).

Japanese nishikigoi originated in the rice paddy fields of Dainichi Koi Farm during the 1940's. They were the first to produce a large and beautiful champion quality showa. Dainichi koi are known for their top-quality features; thick hi(red pattern), sumi(shellac black) and shiroji(snow white background). As this showa grows, the beauty of his body conformation will bulk and become apparent, his sumi will turn to a wet ink black and his hi will thicken to a scarlet red.

Our Spotlight Koi has a very rare MAGNIFICENT checker board pattern symmetrically sectioned in scarlet red, snow white and shellac black that blankets his outstanding body conformation. His menware(black markings across his head) and motoguro(black markings at the base of each pectoral fin) are completely balanced in harmony to his artistic design. At only two years of age and already 18 inches this future champion will grow to JUMBO status."



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