#101 #102 #103 #104
10" Ginrin Shiro Utsuri
Omosako bred
1 year old female
10" Kohaku
Maruboshi bred
1 year old female

10" Hi Shusui
Aoki bred
1 year old female

16" Sandan (3-step) Kohaku,
Marudo bred, 2 year old male
#105 #106 #107 #108
19" Yamabuki
Izumiya bred
2 year old male
12" Sandan (3-step) Kohaku
Dainichi bred
1 year old male

11" Doitsu Showa
Shinoda bred
1 year old female
11" KujakuSuzujyu bred, 1 year old, sex unknown
#109 #110 #111 #112
12" Tancho Goshiki
Takano bred, 1 year old female

11" Asagia
Oya bred, 1 year old female

11" Sandan (3-step) Akamei (red-eyes) Kohaku
Marudo bred, 1 year old male
10" Showa
Kanezo bred
1 year sex unknown
#113 #114 #115 #116
10" Beni Kikokuryu
Marusaka bred
1 year old female

17" Hi Utsuri
Shinoda bred, 2 year old female

10" Ginrin Soragoi
Yamasan bred, 1 year old femalea

12" Tancho Kohaku
Hoshikin bred, 1 year old male


18" Kin Kikokuryu
Marusaka bred
2 year old female

"Our Spotlight Koi, Kin Kikokuryu is a very rare find of top All Japan show quality. Her full balanced pattern of metallic butterscotch starts at the tip of her nose and goes all the way back to the beginning of her tail. The high sheen platinum background intersects along the way at critical points creating the beautiful complex art work. The round menware on top of the head, wet black ink cheeks and gill plates, zipper scales along the dorsal ridge, black striping on her dorsal and tailfin along with the symmetrical butterscotch motoguro on each of her pectoral fins completes this master piece. Her body conformation is rated a perfect “10” with her wide head, broad shoulders and thick tail joint. At only two years of age and already 18” in length this big beautiful girl will grow to jumbo status."




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